Then Came Man

It has been 100 years since the stench of man first washed up on our shores, claiming peace and requesting refuge. We slew them in the surf where they stood, their blood carrying back our intentions on the tide. And then they came like a great wave, brandishing steel and magic and divinity with such a fever even the mighty Orkmok was driven back.

For a century now they have spread across our shores and land, like some creeping disease of soft flesh and wicked steel. Hemlock and his ancient Trolls on the Southern peninsula, the Hungermarsh, still hold strong due to how nearly impossible it is to kill the smelly bastards. The Hags of Weyrdewater and the insular, dragon-worshiping Venomfang Lizardfolk tribe of the Black Fen have been all but driven out. A squalid Human and Halfling settlement they call Herringbone has been established at the throat of Mother’s River and the Humans, along with their Halfling companions continue to raid the swamp. Word has become sparse from kingdom of The Sunbiter and his gnoll host in the great South-Western desert. The land there is harsh beyond imagining and the gnolls are so savage that we are certain they will not fall to the humans any time soon. The sea-faring Medusa are a rare sight these last few years also, though their great fleet of ships still hold the invaders and their allies at a fair distance from their homeland in the half-sunken mountain-islands to the far South.

The Eastern plains, once the hunting grounds of dozens of tribes of Orcs are completely in Human control now. There is where they claim their kingdom and have been building their capital called Tellenmoore for the last 20 years. The Human have also been building an alliance with Amaeriil Spellsinger and his Elves in the vast Northern Stillwood, working to drive out the innumerable Goblins that have been warring against them since time immemorial. The enigmatic Hu’ul-thuum Minotaurs still war with stubborn Dwarven kingdom of Flamholme in and below the Lodestone Mountains they both inhabit. While Kargan Ironforger has not yet aligned with Siggard Wulfebayne and his damnable Human kingdom, he has always been a thorn in our sides.

To the West, in the ash-belching Dragonback Mountains, the demon-tainted Tiefling nation of Blackhorn has been preparing quietly for war these last few years. We know not who they plan to ally with, or if they plan to wait out our war with the Humans and prey upon the survivors. We will make them regret that decision if is it what they choose. The Kobolds of the smaller Dragonmaw Mountains continue to try to awaken their Dragon-God they claim slumbers deep below their inhospitable range. The vulturous Harpies of Minia, their small kingdom in the Minia Pass between the Western Dragon Mountain ranges, have hinted at aid in the war should it come as far as their mountains for all the good that it would do us. By that point nearly all our empire will have been overrun by the Human invaders, leaving us no where to go but further West through Minia to lands of the mad king Isentharg and his barbaric Bugbears and Owlbear pets, or South to the lands of Sunbiter and the shifting sands of the Fire Sea beyond.

We, the mighty Hobgoblins of Gom’Erosh, have conquered and carved out an empire like there has never been seen in the lands of Erosh-Hel, Mother of All, and we will be damned if these Human think they can take it from us.

Then Came Man

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